Iggy Pop, un Frank Sinatra trash

With Every Loser, a furious album that we no longer hoped for, Iggy Pop reconnects with the wild rock that made its reputation. Jimmy Fontaine

With his new album, Every Loser, The Iguana reassures his fans: the rocker has not calmed down. This collection of songs shows above all that he remains one of the best singers in the world.

His close friends give him “Jimmy”. But everyone else calls him Iggy, after the name of the band he drummed in the 1960s, The Iguanas. James Newell Osterberg, baby boomer from “white trash” America (the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan), is one of the finest specimens of rocker still in activity. The concerts he gave in 2022, the year of his 75th birthday, were among the best of his entire career.

Accompanied by young French instrumentalists, he set the halls and festivals of Europe on fire with undiminished enthusiasm. Fifty-four years after the release of the Stooges’ first album, the rocker’s schizophrenia is doing well. James Osterberg in civilian life, Iggy Pop on stage. Yin and yang. Beauty and the Beast (stage).

Free from his demons, free from the influence of David Bowiethe artist releases the first major album of the year, Every Loser. A collection of fully charged songs and a relief for all those who feared calming down…

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