Igor Komarov presented state awards of the Russian Federation to large families of the Volga Federal District

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On May 23, 2022, during a working trip to the Samara Region, Igor Komarov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District, presented state awards of the Russian Federation to parents of large families – medals of the Order of Parental Glory.

The high award was given to Alexander and Irina Plyusnin from the Perm region, Vitaly and Olga Trubenkov from the Republic of Mordovia, and Ivan and Lyudmila Zemsky, who live in the Samara region.

The plenipotentiary emphasized that “The Order of Parental Glory is awarded to those who have dedicated themselves and their lives to children. To give life, to educate, to put on one’s feet is the most serious thing for everyone. It is especially important to pass on to the next generation life experience and love for loved ones and for their homeland.” According to Igor Komarov, “successful upbringing of children is the key to the stability of our society and the development of socio-economic processes in the country. The family is the backbone of society, it is here that the values ​​of mutual understanding and diligence, justice and unity, fidelity are laid from an early age. And these values ​​are passed on by you, the big, strong and friendly families of Russia. Families like yours are the embodiment of the best Russian traditions: loyalty, diligence and disinterested support.”

The Governor of the Saratov Region, Dmitry Azarov, thanked Igor Komarov for his attention and congratulated the recipients of high awards: “We have a new alley planted with large families – a wonderful Samara project, in which families from all over the Samara Region participate. It is important that measures to support large families are consistently increased every year. And this principled position of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin largely ensures the proper level of respect for large families and their level of well-being.”

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Parents noted the importance of providing support from the state. Lyudmila Zemlyanskaya noted that “to receive such an award is very exciting. The key to the success of our family, of course, is love, friendship, forgiveness, so that my husband supports us, it is important that the state does not forget about us, we receive all the necessary assistance. According to the mother of many children, Olga Trubenkova, “at first it was hard, and then it became interesting in a large family, the elders began to help: the eldest is already 18, and the youngest is only 2 years old. My husband and I have been together for 19 years and have gone through all the difficulties, in recent years there has been support from the state, our parents did not feel such support.

Igor Komarov thanked his parents for their work, wished them good health, success and prosperity.

The plenipotentiary also presented a certificate of honor from the President of the Russian Federation to Yury Rozhin, chief federal inspector for the Samara region.

For reference: 11 children are brought up in the Plyusnin family. The oldest son is 26 years old, the youngest is 8 years old. The family is the owner of the municipal award “Person of the Year – 2008” in the nomination “Family of the Year”, and was also awarded the state award of the Perm Territory – the badge of honor “For worthy upbringing of children”.

Vitaly and Olga Trubenkovs are raising 10 children. The oldest is 18 years old, the youngest is 2 years old. Olga was awarded an Honorary Diploma of a mother of many children III and I degree.

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Ivan and Lyudmila Zemlyansky from the Samara region are raising 7 children. Lyudmila was awarded the Badge of distinction “Mother’s Valor” II degree, Ivan was awarded the Badge of Public Recognition “For the Glory of Fatherhood” in the nomination “Paternal Labor in a Congenital Large Family”. For merits in strengthening the institute, raising children, for the contribution to the revival of the development of the best family traditions, a large family is listed in the Book of Honor “Chronicle of family well-being in the Syzran city district.”

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