Illinois kicks off the year with new laws that seek to benefit workers | Videos | Univision Chicago WGBO

union membership.the request increased by 17%with respect to the previous year.enrique: this week entersnew laws come into force, which isimportant that they know thatit has to do with rightsfrom the workers.erika: we continue this editionwith Jorge Muñoz, who toldexperts explaining thesechanges and what impact they will havein the workers andcompías, these laws are going toincrease protection forstaff?Jorge: in fact it is aboutlaws that seeks to make moreequitable the issue betweenmen and women betweencompanies they work for,we spoke to an expert andyou explain.11 modifications andnew labor lawsand human rights enteredin force from the 1st ofJanuary, one of thebereavement leave. we contactedto the labor organizer Jorgemujica.>> in cases of pregnancy, inadoption case, if it startsthe ace option procedure and thecarried out successfully,understand that it has apsychological impact onperson, you must take time torecuperate. there is an abortion alreadywhether desired or unwanteddeath, includes children,daughters, fathers, brothers of theworkers. these absencesthey are unpaid.Jorge: for these cases there areup to 10 days of absence,other changes modification inthe breaks.>> within the job, if askedpays the same to those who performequal to men than to womenwomen. if paid equal to

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