Illinois Suburb Police Save Life of Baby Who Had Stopped Breathing – NBC Chicago

POSEN – Police in a southern suburb of Chicago revealed the moment when one of their officers saved the life of a baby who had apparently stopped breathing.

They were minutes of terror for the Jiménez Ochoa family. The minor’s parents immediately called 9-1-1 because his son was unconscious during the afternoon of last Monday.

In the body camera video of detective Matt Leveille shows how Cristina Ochoa, the baby’s mother, begged for her son to be taken immediately to the hospital while the detective repeated that there was already an ambulance on the way at the same time that he was first aid services.

Seconds later, the minor began to cry and there the detective told Mrs. Ochoa that her son will be fine. It was just a matter of an ambulance taking him to the hospital for a check-up.

Through a handwritten statement, the minor’s mother commented that her 11-month-old son had an accident when he fell out of bed, adding that her baby cried and quickly lost consciousness.

The Jiménez Ochoa family expressed their immense gratitude for the work of the Posen officers and, especially, detective Leveille, who was the one who provided first aid services until the ambulance arrived.

The City of Posen is expected to recognize Detective Leveille for his actions within the next week. For its part, the minor’s family commented that he is already at home and in good health.

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