Illinois Supreme Court Blocks Bail Reform | Univision News Shows

city ​​and protect theturtles, sea birds andother species.presenter: eliminated is, thebail system reformwhat should i get intoforce today that was blocked bymeans that it shouldkeep the same systembail bonds that has worked upnow until there is a newNotice.david palomino has us thehigh-profile courtsocial.david: system reformof bonds in illinoiswhich should come into effecton January 1 in 37 of the 102counties has been blocked bythe state supreme court.the ruling was issued the nightof December 31.therefore, that new order,all counties shallmaintain the bail processas they have worked so farthe what has generated differentreactions.” throughout the state of illinoiswe need to have the samelaws for all peoplematter where they live.”last week, a judgedeclared the reform to the systemof bailand constitutional. this to rízof a claim filed byprosecutors from 75 counties inagainst the new lawbut for the rest of the counties,the reform was to enter intovalidity.“frankly it would be chaoshave two different systemsfor people who have beenarrested. some came outon bail and others not,depending on the county. issomething unfair.”the law signed bygovernor argues thatthe current system onlybenefits those who haveresources to pay the bail.>> you end up with a system wherea person with resourcesHe gets out of jail paying abonds, while a personwithout resources, accused ofsame offense, have to continueunjustly imprisoned.Just because you can’t pay.reporter: with the reform, ajudge would determine if the personaccused must remain inprison or can go out infreedom while waitingcourt appearance,depending on the crimerepresents a danger tosociety or if he could evade theJustice. the attorney general ofstate declared that it will appealthe ruling of the supreme court of

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