“I’m going to party”: the reaction of this man finding his suitcase is magic

In the United States, some airports have started to reopen after the very extreme weather conditions of recent days. In the middle of hundreds of stacked suitcases, one above the other, this man can’t help but scream when he finds his own.

For this man, his end of the year ends in style. As some airports in the United States begin to be operational again after the severe weather conditions of the past few days, it is chaos for the sorting of baggage. In this airport located in the State of Illinois, hundreds of suitcases are piled up.

Fortunately for this man, he quickly finds his luggage, letting his joy explode in front of amused travelers. “I haven’t had a bag for a week, I want to wear my wardrobe,” he explains. “It’s New Year’s weekendji’m gonna go out and party‘ he said enthusiastically.

For the other passengers, it will take a little patience.

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