“I’m the captain of the shadow” Pep praises the 35-year-old goalkeeper with zero participation | Niconico News

2021In the two games since I enteredChelseaWhenManchester UnitedDefeatedManchester City

FA on the 10thcup2 copiesBirminghamfight with. Under such circumstancesJosep GuardiolaThe director praised a reserve goalkeeper.

“Someester Evening News』According to, he was talking about this.

Josep GuardiolaManchester CitySupervision)

“We have twoTopThere is a goalkeeper (with Ederson)Zack・ Stefan)。

And the fourth personJames·TigerFordIs also showing really really good growth.

But we have a very important goalkeeper.Scott・ Carson.

HeFelYin like Nanginhocaptainit seems like.

Because it is the 3rd GKmediaOrpitchNot noticed above. ButRocker-He is another in the roomcaptainLike.

He is very important. If possible, he will stay with us for a long time next year and beyond. ”

OnceLiverpoolButplay35-year-old Carson was exEnglandRepresents GK.2019 yearToDerby・ From the countyloanIn the city that I joined inplayNot done.

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StillPepIs hiscaptainWe are evaluating Sea and will continue to do so next season and beyond.teamIt seems that he wants to stay in.

“Shadow captain” Pep praises the 35-year-old goalkeeper with zero participation


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