Impact on engine plants in Toyota, Alabama, USA, etc. At a Canadian demonstration | Reuters

Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. said on the 11th that the production of engine plants in West Virginia and Alabama will be affected by the ongoing demonstration of truck drivers protesting the obligation to vaccinate the new coronavirus in Canada. Revealed. Taken in January 2019 (2022 Reuters / Anushree Fadnavis)

[Washington, 11th Reuters]–Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. will produce engine plants in West Virginia and Alabama on the 11th as truck drivers protest the new coronavirus vaccination obligation in Canada. Revealed that it was affected.

Toyota says, “It is expected that the turmoil will continue over the weekend, and we will respond as necessary.”

In addition to Toyota, Honda, General Motors (GM), Ford Motors, and Stellantis announced on the 10th that they are being forced to reduce automobile production at their plants in North America due to protest demonstrations.

GM shut down its factories in Michigan on the 10th, but said that all factories are operating normally on that day.

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