in 2020 these 8 situations changed

Mexico City.- If a year ago a person had told us that one of the following things would happen, we would have laughed in his face or doubted his good judgment. Yet they did happen, and will continue to have an effect for the next few months or years.

We list 8 situations that they changed in international travel in this 2020 and we never imagined, all because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world closed its borders

As Covid-19 spread to every continent, countries were closing their borders to tourism from the first months of the year to prevent further infections.

The European Union (along with Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) announced on March 17 that it would stop receiving travelers from other nations arriving for reasons considered non-essential.

Its gradual reopening began in June, with a list of countries whose residents can already access the bloc; until now Mexico has not been part of the list in any of your updates.

Another example: since March 21, non-essential travel has been closed land borders between Canada, the United States and Mexico. However, it is possible to reach our neighboring country by air.

Canceled events

Main international festivals and events that each year attract thousands of visitors were suspended during 2020, regardless of whether they were massive concerts or centuries-old traditions.

One of the first was the Venice’s Carnival, which abruptly stopped its activities due to the pandemic.

Among the other events that were not held (at least in person), although the actual list is much broader, is Coachella (United States), Tomorrowland (Belgium), Comic-Con (United States), LGBT pride parades, Oktoberfest (Germany) and many Christmas markets in Europe.

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Special mention deserve the Tokyo Olympics.

In Mexico the Passion of Christ in Iztapalapa, the Holy Week processions, the Guelaguetza, the Cry of Independence and the Day of the Dead parades in CDMX, to name a few examples.

We got off the plane in order

Most airlines have implemented changes to streamline movement and avoid contact between the passengers themselves.

If there is one that we should highlight and that we have seen without fail in multiple trips through Mexico, it is the plane disembarkation process.

A year ago there was no intention of this changing: as soon as the plane stopped, much of the passengers got up from their place and filled the central aisle with the intention of being among the “first” out.

Currently a purser Call by line for passengers to get off in order. There are still the occasional rebel, but overall it works.

No middle seat

The most hated airplane seat by all was out of operation, at least temporarily and on some airlines. This decision was made to allow for greater social distancing.

In the United States, airlines such as United, American Airlines, Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines implemented the measure. Currently only Delta and Alaska (through Jan 6) they continue to carry it out.

It is not a practice endorsed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which instead recommends the use of face masks, sanitation of aircraft and limit on passenger traffic within the aircraft.

If you have followed the central seat lock, according to IATA, airfares would have increased between 43% and 54%.

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Nature reigned

Try to do a mental count of all the notes you have read about sightings of animals or unusual phenomena in tourist destinations, due to confinement due to the pandemic.

From the bioluminescence in Acapulco and the turquoise beaches of Veracruz, to hundreds of dolphins “seizing” the coasts of Oaxaca. And we haven’t even started talking about the sightings internationally: a snow leopard in Russia and a white-tailed eagle after 240 years in England are some of the most notorious cases.

To the roller coaster, with masks

Like all businesses and tourist attractions, amusement parks have new international rules. But one in particular has attracted attention: it is mandatory to wear a mask even in the most extreme games, such as roller coasters. This measure was taken because Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through particles expelled from the nose or mouth.

In Japan they were much more radical. Some of the more famous parks, such as Universal Studios, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Fuji-Q Highland, have instruction for visitors to wear face masks and refrain from yelling as much as possible.

This is a bit difficult when you consider that Fuji-Q Highland is known for some of the roller coasters world’s most extreme.

Now we think about how much it costs to cancel

Until last year, it was not so common that when planning a vacation we were interested in cancellation policies were flexible. Due to the huge number of trips that had to be suspended in 2020, these policies are now one of the main things to consider before any reservation.

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For example, a survey conducted by the company revealed that 80% of Mexican travelers will prefer reservation platforms that are transparent with cancellation policies, reimbursement processes and insurance.

The ships stopped sailing

Although the entire tourism industry stopped for a good part of this 2020, none have suffered a suspension equal to that of cruise ships. So far it is not certain that shipping companies leaving the United States will set sail again in the coming months.

It is necessary to clarify that as of July the river cruises in Europe resumed operations, although some have closed again due to the increase in Covid-19 cases.

Boat trips were also resumed in other regions of the world; In Singapore, Royal Caribbean even created destinationless cruises, which only cruise the ocean for guests to enjoy the boat.

However, the most important region for the cruise industry is the Caribbean, and the ships that visit it leave the United States. Here they have an essential base of operations some of the largest shipping companies, like Royal Caribbean, Carnival or Norwegian. It is also very important for luxury companies like Crystal or Silversea.

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