In Alaska, a storm could create the worst flooding in 50 years

Alaska was getting ready this Friday September 16 with the arrival of a “dangerous storm” which could create the worst flooding the state has experienced in 50 years, the US Weather Services (NWS) warned.

«It is a dangerous storm, which is expected to cause significant coastal flooding south of the Bering Strait, with water likely to reach levels not seen in nearly 50 years“, warned Thursday evening the weather services of Fairbanks, second largest city of Alaska.

“Almost the worst possible scenario”

The storm, caused by the remnants of Typhoon Merbok, will bring wind gusts of up to more than 140 km/h and heavy rains to the northernmost state of the United States over the weekend, according to the NWS. .

The water could exceed the normal high tide level by 2 to 3.5 meters in places. The weather services have called on residents to prepare before conditions deteriorate, starting Friday noon for certain areas of Alaska.

«This is almost the worst possible scenario in terms of flooding for the northern Bering Sea coast.“, tweeted Friday Rick Thoman, climate scientist at the University of Alaska. “This will likely be the strongest storm in over a decadeNWS meteorologist Jonathan Christiest told CNN.

The specialist compared this weather event to the 2011 storm, which caused major flooding and power outages in the state.

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