In Baja California, a dog escapes scared by fireworks and ends up in the US

Lost dog in the United States
New Year’s fireworks terrified the little dog. Photo: Getty Images

In Baja Californiathe fear of a little dog to pyrotechnics took her to cross the US-Mexico border this weekend of festivities for New Year.

Via TikTokGalilea Hernández recounted that her mascot ran away from home during Year Nuevodue to the noise generated by the rockets. When reviewing her location through an AirTag, the young woman discovered that her dog I was in another country.

The location of the dog indicated that it was near Emery Road, in the town of Tecatein California.

The dog escaped to the United States on New Years.

Galilea was worried, since she could not go immediately to pick up the animal because the sentry box it was temporarily closed. “All night I was crying, worried because I didn’t know if I was okay, it was very cold and it was raining hard,” she wrote on the social network.

The young woman got up early, Sunday morning, to look for her mascot in California.

Her owner had to drive Tecate to go for her.

While on the road to the marked location, Hernández received a call from a US number. When answering, a person informed him that he had his little dog and that he had found her number on the collar of the animal.

“She was wet and dirty, but safe and sound,” said the young woman, sharing a photo of the dog already in her car, on her way back to Baja California. In addition, she said that she will be “grounded for life because she literally left the country.”

Galilea assures that no one has yet managed to find out how his mascot could cross into the United States.

The pet returned home safe and sound.

The publication in TikTok It already has more than a million views and more than 117,000 “likes”. In addition, in the comments, users shared their surprise at the route discovered by the mascot to reach the American Union.

“She fulfilled the dream of leaving Mexico and you returned her,” wrote one user, while another pointed out: “She just wanted a better future and earn dollars.”

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