In Banfield, they promote a festival to promote the performing arts – AUNO

The Good End Festival, an initiative that seeks to promote national and international theater, dance and musical works, bet on its first edition, to be held in March at the Maipú Theater in Banfield, “Generate a new identity” of the theater in this context of a health emergency.

From the Festival they summoned playwrights, performers and directors with the idea of ​​mounting four unpublished shows to be represented in a virtual and face-to-face way, and thus in this way “generate the necessary instruments” so that “The performing arts” keep working.

One of the organizers of the event, Leandro Montgomery, in dialogue with AUNO, said the Festival is “the ideal setting a space for creation and exchange between artists zonal and invited artists ”who will participate by streaming.

Montgomery stated that the idea is “Make local art visible” but also to ensure that the shows that emerge from the festival have “their own imprint and identity” based on the current sociocultural context.

For this first edition they received many applications from both interpreters and dramatists and directors, they counted from the Theater, and now they are evaluating the probability “of opening a new call for a second round of shows,” explained the artist.

The selection process for the different categories of the Festival was carried out according to the training and background of the applicants, and then the finalists performed face-to-face auditions with the material on stage.

With the winners of the auditions, the casts will be made up to carry out the rehearsals and from the Festival they will provide the necessary conditions for their development. Each show will have two functions.

The festival will be held in March with performances over two weekends in which the works can be seen virtually or in person, with security protocols, at the Maipú Theater, “a cultural reference in the areaMontgomery remarked.


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