In Bashkiria, a young entrepreneur produces 100,000 pairs of shoe covers per month

Diana Ibragimova said that the idea of ​​​​creating the production of medical goods and products originated in their medical family back in 2019, because their dental center is successfully operating. Then they bought a machine and began vigorous activity. According to the young entrepreneur, in addition to shoe covers, they plan to produce other medical products.

The administration of Kumertau explained that Diana Ibragimova is the daughter of a medical entrepreneur, and, as you know, family business occupies a special place in entrepreneurship, since business relations are based on honesty, mutual support and love for one’s work. And it is not at all surprising that the family business most often receives sustainable development, grows stronger and thus becomes an indispensable link in the chain of development of the city’s economy.

Thanks to the grant received, Diana Ibragimova managed to significantly increase production volumes; she already produces 100,000 pairs of shoe covers per month. “We provide all private medical institutions in Kumertau, as well as throughout the republic – from the village of Mrakovo to Ufa,” the novice entrepreneur shared. “In the future, we plan to enter into contract support for such public institutions as hospitals, schools and kindergartens.”

By the way, Diana Ibragimova takes an active public position, participates in city seminars and forums, supports other young citizens in starting entrepreneurial activities. She advises young people who, although trying their hand at business, should not be afraid to try new things, even if it seems that nothing will work out, it is important here not to back down and find like-minded people.

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