In California, Prince Harry and Meghan’s move worries

United Kingdom.- The news about the search for a mansion by the Dukes of Sussex, Henry and Meghanunleashed the concern of the residents of Hope Ranch, who do not consider it feasible for the couple to reach the area.

A few days ago the news broke that the couple is looking for a new mansion, so they would be putting their eyes on a property located in Hope Ranchin Saint Barbara, USA.

However, this Tuesday, TMZ reported that the residents of Hope Ranch are concerned about the interest of Meghan Markle and the prince henry to move to the area.

Sources declared to the aforementioned media that the Hope Ranch Owners Association considers that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attract paparazzi and a high influx of cars.

Although the sources consulted by TMZ denied that it is a personal matter against Prince Henry and Meghan Markle, they did consider that their presence could be a danger.

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The portal explained that people with high purchasing power live in Hope Ranch, however, they are low profile which allows the area to be distinguished by tranquility.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a mansion in montecitowhere they share space with other celebrities and that, according to the report, the neighbors have not noticed much difference since the couple moved to California.

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