In Chelyabinsk, the owner tied the dog to the door handle of the veterinary clinic and threw it in the cold


In a note, she asked to put the dog to sleep.

The dog was brought to the Dobry Tail veterinary clinic at night, tied to the doorknob and thrown. The former owner handed over a note in which he asked to put the dog to sleep, since the dog does not obey her after the operation.

However, veterinarians doubt that the dog, whose name is Gray, proved to be inadequate.

“After spending more than a day in the clinic, Gray proved himself to be an intelligent, well-mannered, friendly dog, knowing the team, accustomed to walking,” writes veterinarian Bagrat Agazhanov.

However, the dog was found to have symptoms of gastritis and colitis, as well as disorders of the internal organs, which are due to improper diet or stress. The operation had to be done due to the fact that the hostess fed the dog with bones, and he almost died. The veterinarians decided to treat the dog and find a new owner.

Now Gray needs treatment, care and love!

If you have the desire and opportunity to help Gray, then you can take part in the collection for his treatment!

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