“In Florida, I’m a wonder kid”

Next July 11, Norbert Tarayre will be back on the screen with his new show: “Le combat des regions: my cuisine is the best in France”. The program will air Monday through Friday at 6:40 p.m. Faithful to M6 since his participation in the 3rd season of Top Chef, Norbert Tarayre has long formed an inseparable duo with Jean Imbert. But if the latter is busy managing many prestigious restaurants, Norbert preferred to devote himself to his television activity.

In this new show, the 42-year-old cook will tour France. A way to rediscover his country, while he has been exiled in the United States for 5 years: “This program was super pleasant to shoot and then, thanks to the Combat des Régions, I discovered the existence of certain departments, in France, the Doubs, for example”.

Based in Miami, Florida, Norbert Tarayre and his wife even bought a house there: “In Florida, I am a marvelous kid. For me, buying in the United States was a delirium. I arrived on a tourist visa and bought my little house. This is the American dream. I am aware of being privileged”. He gave details of his new life to Public magazine some time ago: “It’s a very simple house in North Miami Beach, 230m2 on one level with a swimming pool and 800m2 of land. I have a simple life, I mow my lawn and clean my swimming pool like everyone else”.

Norbert has also met other French expatriates: “I made a small network and I met French people who settled in Miami and encouraged me to join them.”

And among his new acquaintances, some are not unknown to the general public: “I met Charly Nestor from Charly and Lulu, former members of M6, ex-skater Sarah Abitbol and Patrick from Club Dorothée”.

A happiness for Norbert Tarayre who had to face major health problems a few months ago. Today, he therefore enjoys the sweetness of life in Florida alongside his new wife Abi, their son Elydjah as well as the three daughters he had from a previous union, Gayanne, Laly and Aliya.

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