In great danger, she waits for an ambulance for 11 hours and pays a high price

In the UK, a 36-year-old mother has died after waiting for an ambulance for almost 11 hours.

The story is hardly believable. In the Birmingham area of ​​UK, a 36-year-old mother died after waiting almost 11 hours for an ambulance. It all starts on December 18, 2022. Around 7:20 p.m., Hannah Houghton, who has multiple sclerosis, suffers from difficulty breathing. Her fiancé, James Jackman, hastens to dial the emergency number. “I was told an ambulance was on the way but there might be a bit of a delay,” tells the latter to the SWNS press agency.

The delay turns out to be monumental, since Hannah and James wait almost 11 hours. “I stayed with her all night and they arrived at 6:15 in the morning. I couldn’t believe it”says the 38-year-old man. Tried to make her comfortable through the night and kept an eye on herTransferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Hannah is admitted to intensive care with dangerously low blood pressure. She died there shortly after, carried away by a cardiac arrest in the early hours of December 22.

“If the treatment had started 11 hours before, the situation might be different”

Three weeks later, a question plagues James Jackman: if Hannah had been taken care of earlier, would the outcome have been different?We are not sure but I think if the treatment had started 11 hours before, the situation might be differenthe is saddened. We have four orphan children. It could have made the difference“If he doesn’t blame the paramedics,”who did a wonderful job“, he criticizes the government for not doing enough to solve the crisis in the British health system. “When the paramedics arrived, they were exhausted. (…) I do not accuse them of anything. The problem is with the government.” According to a study, between 300 and 500 British patients die each week in the emergency room for lack of fast enough treatment.

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