In his book, Prince Harry “will mainly attack William and Kate”

There are only a few days left until the release of Sparethe memoirs of prince Harry. A book that the British court has been dreading for months: after the stings launched by the Sussexes against the royal family via television (in the famous interview withOprah Winfrey and in the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan), the Windsors now fear new revelations that could embarrass the Crown. We will have to wait until January 10 to find out what is in Spare. But new rumors appeared in the Sunday Times suggest that the royals most affected by the book bomb will be… the prince William et Kate Middleton. A source who had preview access to the book revealed to the British newspaper that Harry “will be hard on William and will also take it out on Kate”, while he will be nicer than expected to his father, the king Charles III.

“In general, I think the content will be worse than what the royal family expects. Everything is laid bare, completed a source at Telegraph. King Charles will do better than expected, but it will be particularly difficult for William and Kate Middleton, who will receive several spades. “The Prince and Princess of Wales, adds the source, “will pay the price for the hatred of Harry”, who will describe “painstakingly the conflicts between the brothers”: “Personally, I cannot imagine a reconciliation between Harry and William after release of the book.

An advance of $20 million

The Penguin Random House publishing house will publish Spare in bookstores on January 10 in sixteen different languages. She bet so much on the volume of this book-confession that she paid Harry, last year, an advance of 20 million dollars. Today, however, the American publisher would be worried: after the Netflix documentary series and the new allegations against the royal family, the popularity of the Sussexes, accused by some of telling lies, has fallen sharply.

According to the British press, Harry’s book could therefore be less successful than Penguin Random House had hoped. But according to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle She too is reportedly writing bombshell memoirs, also published by Penguin. No information has filtered on this upcoming book, but no doubt it will worry the British royal family.

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