In New Year’s greetings, the most important thing is the wish of health

This is noted in New Year’s greetings by the leaders of the region and the city, and the inhabitants of the hero city.

According to the Governor of Kuban, Veniamin Kondratyev, “we had to change our usual way of life, learn to work and receive education remotely, take care of loved ones, take care of those who need it. At the same time, our hard work and unity helped the region to survive, to keep the economy, and most importantly, to preserve a normal, prosperous life in our native land. “

“New Year is a special holiday, bright and joyful. He opens a new page in our life with you, gives us hope for the best.

We are confident that the hard work, responsibility, dedication and love of the residents of Novorossiysk to their hometown will help us achieve new successes. We are convinced that together we will be able to implement many useful and ambitious projects for the benefit of our beloved hero city, ”noted the mayor of the city Igor Dyachenko and the chairman of the city Duma Alexander Shatalov.

Everyone wants the New Year to bring only good and health wishes sound especially relevant! Happy holidays!

In the photo, the actors of the Novorossiysk Municipal Drama Theater named after V. Amerbekyan

During the New Year’s events, the actors actively participated in the congratulations. In the image of Grandfather Frost – the chief director of the theater Yevgeny Kushpel. The Snow Maiden is an actress and director Victoria Desyatova.

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