In Revda in the library. Pushkin will be arranged … apartment house –

July 25 at 18:00 guests from fourteen and older are invited to sing along with the guitar and talk sincerely at the Central City Hospital. Pushkin. Theme: “Summer. Poetry. And love”. The author of the idea is 20-year-old librarian Anna Shevchenko, she is in the photo. She invites everyone who would like to sing author’s songs with a guitar or read their own poems to call her and apply for participation.

Anna Shevchenko is 20 years old, she works as a librarian in Pushkin and really wants to see more creative people in Revda. Photo// archive of Anna Shevchenko

– I have long wanted to hold an event of this format, because I myself write and love to read, and I know enough people who are also passionate about it. And she chose the apartment owner, because it is always sincere. Well, we are limited in technical means, unfortunately: we have only enthusiasm and premises, – Anna explains. – In Yekaterinburg, anti-cafe hosts similar events, I have been a couple of times, plus at concerts of my favorite poets. It is always an indescribable atmosphere, very sincere, unifying, where everyone opens his heart. My friend in another city turned it into a club format, meetings are regular. Using her experience, if she goes, if we find a lot of applicants, our apartment building will also become a permanent event.

Anna sings, writes, reads poetry, tried many times to learn how to play instruments, but failed. In her school years, she held events, concerts, and in her student years she reached the regional and all-Russian level.

— They even put on a performance in the PKK, at that time the work seemed huge. And recently we filmed a book trailer for The Little Prince with the guys from the theater group Play the City. I didn’t go on stage for a long time, because there are not enough platforms for this as soon as you graduate into the adult world. I really want my own to work and develop. The event will last from one to two hours, depending on the number of participants. It would be great if there were quite a lot of them, and the number of passionate creative people grew

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So, you are invited to the apartment building if …

  1. You are 14+ years old, you want to find yourself a company of creative people
  2. You have your own poems and songs that the public MUST hear.
  3. Or do you like some works that you would very much like to voice.
  4. You have a guitar and the opportunity to play it. Even silently. Or with friends. Or with a host who will happily sing along to you.
  5. You are a musical group that craves performances
  6. You have free time and love for poetry.

The format of the event does not imply a script – this is not a concert, the story will be born in real time. But if you decide to read or sing something, call Anna to warn her about it: tel. libraries 5-62-60.

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