In Russia, the trend for gifts by February 23 is changing

Instead of socks and panties, women are increasingly choosing sports goods as a gift for the Defender of the Fatherland Day. What do the listeners of Business FM give their colleagues at work and their loved ones on February 23?


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Socks and car accessories as the most popular gifts for men on 23 February gave way to sports goods, watches and jewelry this year. Reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the study of the payment service for online stores CloudPayments.

Most often, online store buyers choose sports accessories and clothing, water bottles, dumbbells, and winter sports goods as gifts. The turnover in this category increased by 93% over the week. On the second place in terms of turnover growth – online purchases of watches and jewelry – by 62%. The average purchase amount compared to the base one increased from 13 thousand rubles to 15.5 thousand rubles. In third place are online sales of flowers and souvenirs.

What do the listeners of Business FM give their colleagues at work and their loved ones on February 23? Anna Smirnova, President of the Zaykins clothing company, congratulated her team in a very unusual way:

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– I gave them a budgerigar. They really wanted something sincere, with whom they could talk and who could be taught something. Now they teach him so that when guests come, he will meet them and answer them something. Therefore, every morning they study with him for 15 minutes, teach the parrot in a certain phrase.

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– Where does such an interesting request come from?

– They wanted to look after someone. At first we thought – maybe grow something. Then I look – they have piggy banks with parrots and a lot of other things connected with parrots. And I think, why not give them a parrot? They were both hands in favor. We went to the breeder and bought it. They are happy, now they are engaged in a new pet.

– What will you give to your loved ones?

– Branded merchandise developed individually for everyone. I send gifts with couriers so that it is initially not clear from whom, and people would guess.

Nadezhda Pak, founder of the Receptor restaurant chain, says that this time it was decided to congratulate her male colleagues with sweets:

Hope Again founder of the restaurant chain “Receptor”

And the founder and CEO of Lotos KiF LLC, Anna Burkova, on the contrary, loves to celebrate February 23 and give gifts to loved ones:

Anna Burkova founder and CEO of Lotos KiF LLC

And here is how they congratulate the men in the team of Lera Goloukhova, the head of the theatrical studio “Jam”:

Lera Goloukhova head of the theater studio “Jam”

According to a survey of retail chains, on the eve of February 23, customers buy alcohol (whiskey and cognac), fish specialties, sweets, socks and shower gels in stores. However, less common goods, such as tourist kits or pillows, also show an increase in demand.

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