In Tempe, Arizona, USA: Peri creates the first house in the USA using 3D printing

Memmingen (ABZ). – Peri prints the first US home in Tempe, Arizona. After the first two printed houses in Germany, which Peri realized at the end of 2020, this is another important step in the market development of this new technology, informs the Bavarian family company.

According to Peri, it is one of the first residential construction projects in the USA to be carried out using 3D printing to date. A single-storey single-family house with around 160 square meters of living space is being printed in Tempe. Around two weeks are set aside for the pure printing time. According to current plans, the house should be ready for occupancy in August / September 2021.

The building owner and partner in this project is the regional organization of “Habitat for Humanity” in Arizona. According to Peri, “Habitat for Humanity” is a global non-profit organization that uses donations, sponsors and volunteers to create living space for people in need in more than 60 countries around the world. “With this printing project in the USA, Peri is taking the next step in the market development of 3D printing technology,” said Thomas Imbacher, Head of Innovation & Marketing at the Peri Group. “As a trailblazer and pioneer of this new type of building, Peri printed the first houses in Germany. We are delighted that we can realize this first project in one of the largest housing markets in the world with a partner like Habitat for Humanity.”

“The use of 3D printing technology is a tremendous opportunity for Habitat for Humanity,” said Jason Barlow, Habitat president and CEO for Humanity Central Arizona. “The current housing problems in Arizona show the need for affordable home ownership. We need new ideas and methods to build adequate and more energy-efficient houses at lower cost, in less time and with less material consumption. The project in Tempe is a step forward for us. ” As with the successful printing projects in Beckum (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Wallenhausen (Bavaria), Peri uses the portal printer COBOD BOD2 to print the house in Tempe.

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This printing technology comes from the Danish manufacturer COBOD, in which Peri has been involved since 2018. With this technology, the print head moves over three axes on a permanently installed metal frame. According to the manufacturer, the advantage: the printer can move to any position within the construction and only needs to be calibrated once. That saves time and money. During the printing process, the printer already takes into account the lines and connections for water, electricity etc. to be laid later. The BOD2 is certified in such a way that work can also be carried out in the printing room during the printing process.

Manual work, such as laying conduits and connections, could easily be integrated into the printing process in this way. The printer is operated by two people.


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