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The concert “Golden Hits of MUZ-TV”, organized by the production group BROTHERS PRODUCTION, gave fans a rare opportunity to see the idols of youth, which now rarely appear anywhere. For example, 48-year-old Vlad Stashevsky, whose songs “Call me at night”, “Evenings-evenings” and “Love does not live here anymore”, thundered a quarter of a century ago. The sex symbol of the 90s spoke about how he lives today in an exclusive interview “”.

Vlad Stashevsky has changed a lot – dried up, found gray hair in his hair. “I didn’t disappear anywhere, the scene remains in my life,” the singer assures. big.”

But after all, his old hits are waiting for Stashevsky everywhere! Really not tired?! “You can’t say that I’m tired of them,” says the artist. “This is my brainchild, which I sincerely love. And when the whole audience sings with you, it’s just a holiday!”

In 2020, Stashevsky participated in the Superstar! Return show on the NTV channel. At the end of the program, he presented his first song after a long break in his work, “You never fall out of love”, which he himself wrote. As a result, he scored 53 points and was named the “people’s winner”. True, this victory was not reflected in the fees. “They have always been good with me,” the performer assured. “I never complained about anything! Today I lead a completely non-star life, which I am very happy about.”

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The singer also spoke about the personal. Vlad Stashevsky is married for the second time. From different wives, he has two sons, Daniil Stashevsky (born April 7, 1998) and Timofey Stashevsky (born March 8, 2008). “My eldest son is a student, the youngest is still a schoolboy, but he already has a brown belt in karate, he has been studying since three and a half years,” Vlad rejoices. “My fame does not interfere with them, although teachers periodically call them “Vlad”, but they used to.”

“I’m not the worst father to be embarrassed about, and not the most strict – I stopped raising them a long time ago. Even as a child, I talked to children like adults, without lisping. I don’t know which path my children will choose, I don’t exclude that they will artists – both have a voice, and an ear, and a sense of rhythm, and an understanding of how to make music. Very creative and capable guys!” – emphasized the musician.


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