In the Ink of Your Heart: A Montgomery Ink Romance


In your heart of Carrie Ann Ryan.

I am very grateful to the woman for seeing me accepted as a partner. I am glad !.

My summary:.

Shep Montgomery works at Midnight Ink, a tattoo parlor he runs with pals. When the shy Shea bursts into the living room, he recognizes the sexy young woman who hit him in the street earlier. Before tattooing her clients, Shep wants to make sure they know what it entails. He suggests that Shea get to know her in order to choose the perfect tattoo for her.

Shep Montgomery is cut like a lumberjack. Distinguished tattoo artist, he despairs of breathing new life into his life. He feels that at the start of his forties, he’s missing something, but he doesn’t know what yet. His meeting with Shea will give him the beginnings of an answer.

Shea is a withdrawn and shy young woman. She sorely lacks self-confidence, constantly belittled by a castrating and directive mother. Determined to emancipate herself, she wants to get a tattoo, and dreams of it for a long time. She runs into a handsome bearded and tattooed man, who doesn’t seem ready to let her go.

My final feeling:.

NUGGET alert! My god, but I loved this novel so much.

Honestly, Carrie Ann’s novels have always made me want to discover her different worlds. This is the first one I’ve read and I really enjoyed it.

The characters are just perfect! Whether it is Shep, Shea, Sassy (my god, I adore her!), Austin, they are endearing, adorable, sexy, solar, bright. We want to know them, we vibrate with them, we have pain, we adore them. Shea’s mom is really bad and I loved hating her.

Shep is the perfect man. A little dark, empathetic, gentle despite appearing raw, I loved seeing him fall for Shea.

Shea hurts my heart so much for being so withdrawn, so hurt by life. I loved seeing her change when she was in contact with Shep, it was like seeing a flower bloom.

The writing of the woman is very current, punctuated by swear words that have their place in history but also very, very spicy moments. The reading was pleasant and smooth, I devoured this short novel with a smile spreading on my face. There is a big place for humor and I often giggle. I hope to have the opportunity to discover the other Montgomery and Midnight Ink books because I really had a great time reading with these characters.

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