In the UK, divorces between lesbians are peaking. But they blame the patriarchy

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Rome, 13 Jan – In the United Kingdom they multiply dramatically divorces between lesbian couples and in general between people of the same sex. This is what emerges from annual report on divorce figures in England and Wales, published by the Office for National Statistics and reported yesterday by Times. If in 2018 the separations between homosexual couples were 428, almost doubled in 2019, with 822 divorces (while the increase in divorces between straight couples was 18.4%). In 2020 the 72% of the divorces involved lesbian couples.

Divorces between lesbian couples are increasing every year

Since the introduction of same-sex marriage in England and Wales in 2014, ‘we have seen the number of same-sex divorces increase every yearor from a very small number in 2015, when the first occurred, to more than 800 in 2019, ”explains statistician Kanak Ghosh. “If 56 percent of same-sex marriages (calculated on 2017 data, the latest available, when 6,932 homosexual marriages were contracted in England and Wales and 1,072 couples converted their previous civil union into marriage, ed) occurred between women, nearly three-quarters of same-sex divorces in 2019 involved female couples“. Ironically, therefore, it seems that gays and especially lesbians do not know how to manage that married life so much claimed as an inalienable right.

Lesbian couples are two and a half times more likely to divorce

After all, sociologists have been warning for years that lesbian couples “are two and a half times more likely to divorce” of gay couples because of the tendency, all female, to want to join in a bond and then want to break it before men. Theses confirmed, highly confirmed, by Natalie Drew, a well-known British LGBT activist and Birmingham founder of the UK’s first gay-only fertility clinic, the Gay family web fertility center. According to Drew, the rise in lesbian divorce figures is to be found in the legalization of gay marriage. “It has done more harm than good. He didn’t do the lesbians any favors. ‘ And rattles off a few figures: about a third of the 586 lesbian couples helped from her clinic between 2011 and 2015 they separated.

The end of a bias

Thus the lie told by the ultras of gay adoptions and uterus for rent according to which homosexual they would be able to give more love and stability to a child compared to many heterosexual couples. Even Drew personally recorded the same experience: after converting the civil partnership with his partner into marriage – with whom he had two children through a sperm donor – the two got divorced.

Drew puts forward a thesis on the failure of lesbian marriages: for her, marriage would represent a sexist and patriarchal institution which provides for the separation of the two roles and this would not reconcile with the essence of a homosexual couple. And if there are children involved, two women would feel “forced” by the institution of marriage to take the place of father and mother, which would violate the nature of one of the two. In short, the blame is to be attributed – as always – to patriarchy and sexism. It would seem instead that human nature is clearly fighting with this story of gay adoptions … Apparently, repeating the slogan “love is love” ad nauseam is not enough.

Cristina Gauri

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