In the UK, Priti Patel as an “eviction fairy” on a shocking Christmas card

PAUL ELLIS / AFP Conservative MP Priti Patel attends an event on the sidelines of day three of the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Birmingham, central England, October 4, 2022.

In support of the deportation of migrants to Rwanda, former British Home Secretary Priti Patel portrayed herself as a little immigration fairy.

UNITED KINGDOM – Lack of “human decency”. The former Minister of the Interior BritishPriti Patel, has been heavily criticized since Tuesday, December 20, after a Christmas card the representative like a fairy of expulsions in Rwanda was sent to her political contacts, reports the British press. It was under his mandate that the program to remove migrants to sub-Saharan Africa was launched.

The card features her sitting atop a Christmas tree with a magic wand. As you can in the photo in the Tweet below, on the balls hung on the tree are notably inscribed the “national security” and the « Rwanda ».

The eviction represented as a Christmas present

This caricature also features the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, represented as a child opening “with joy the political gifts she has created”analyzes the British daily The Independent.

A second card template sent by Pitri Patel shows a stack of gifts decorated with tags including: “Increased use of the Taser”, “Brexit ready to cook” et « 12,000 detainees of foreign nationality expelled”.

The controversy aroused by these drawings is reinforced by the political agenda. On Monday, British justice gave the green light to the deportation to Rwanda of asylum seekers who arrived illegally in the United Kingdom. This highly controversial project is supported by the Conservatives who have made the fight against illegal immigration, one of the promises of Brexit, one of their priorities.

Cartoon denounced by the Liberals and Labor

Labor is up in arms against this policy intended to discourage Channel crossings, and rose up after the map was sent. “We have seen Priti Patel’s lack of human decency time and time again: why should we expect less at Christmas? reacted in particular Alistair Carmichael, spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats for internal affairs, whose remarks were reported by British radio LBC.

“If Priti Patel had been there, Mary, Joseph and Jesus would have been on their way to Rwanda before the Three Wise Men arrived”, she said again. A Labor politician also denounced the Mirror : “Given that Priti Patel’s Tory legacy is … a record number of dangerous boat crossings, you would think she wants to hide under the Christmas tree, not pretend to be the fairy at the top of this one. »

A Labor source also criticized Pitri Patel’s communication in the Evening Standard claiming that “Under Priti Patel’s leadership, only one in 100 alleged sex offenders was tried, while she completely lost control of the asylum system. »

The deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda was one of the former minister’s key policies, but no deportation has yet taken place. A first flight scheduled for June was canceled after a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) calling for a thorough review of the policy. Justice having rendered its decision, the government of Rishi Sunak now wants to hurry up.

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