In the UK, the TV host of the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Jeremy Clarkson accused of cheating

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In the UK, the TV presenter of the popular program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Jeremy Clarkson was rightly accused of cheating. Viewers believe that in the new episode of the program he supported the participant’s incorrect answer.

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Internet users living in the UK believe that presenter Jeremy Clarkson has deceived viewers. According to the Daily Star media outlet, during the program, he agreed with actress Ronnie Ancone’s wrong answer. The question concerned the longest motorway in the country. The participant of the program tried to ask for help from a friend who recommended the M1 track. Jeremy Clarkson, who is also known for his Top Gear car show, supported this answer. However, he was wrong.

Internet users began to express their opinions. TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson could not help but know that the named highway is not the longest. Motorists who drive within the country know that the M6 ​​highway: Carlisle – Liverpool – Birmingham has a much higher mileage.

Author: Semyon Zaitsev

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