In the United States, a baggage handler dies after being sucked into the engine of a plane

Horror at Montgomery Regional Airport, Alabama.

It is not a first, but it is an accident as rare as it is terrible which took place on the last day of 2022 on the runways of Montgomery Regional Airport, in Alabama, in the United States.

On Saturday, December 31, a baggage handler working for Piedmont Airlines, a local branch of American Airlines, was in the words of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), “reactor ingested” while operating the Embraer E175 which was to take off for Dallas in the afternoon.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the American body responsible for monitoring aeronautical activities in the country, and the NTSB have launched an investigation to better understand what happened – very precise procedures are in place in all airports around the world to avoid this kind of tragedy.


The man was killed instantly, but the plane was apparently parked and motionless. A preliminary report from the FAA should be made public in the next few hours, probably allowing a better understanding of the precise circumstances of the accident.

Airport officials like those of American Airlines logically expressed their sadness and solidarity with the relatives and colleagues of the victim, whose name has not been revealed. The flight in question was of course canceled but, more curiously and no doubt in a rather unskillful way, its passengers were informed on Twitter of where they could pick up their…

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