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(07.03.2022) Great Mermaid Gathering in Manassas – Mermaid Trail runs through Norfolk with colorful sculptures. First mermaid museum on US East Coast enters second season with new exhibits.

MerMagic Con
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Whether big or small, whether woman, man or something in between – the fabulous creatures of the mermaids exert an unbroken fascination on many. This was evident at the world’s largest gathering of these water spirits, the MerMagic Con in Manassas, Virginia. From March 4th to 6th, 2022, fans of the mystical sea creatures will meet at the Freedom & Aquatic Center. In addition to special swimming courses, various workshops – for example on the design and proper care of fins and underwater photography – specialists from all over the country gave insights into accessories, clothing, swimming equipment, art projects and much more.

In 2022 the mermaids in Norfolk will celebrate their 20th birthday
In general, mermaids seem to be omnipresent in the region. Since 2002, one of these has acted as a symbol for the city of Norfolk on the US East Coast and not only adorns the logo. The maritime connection comes on the one hand from the location directly at the mouth of the Atlantic to the Chesapeake Bay, but on the other hand from the Norfolk Naval Base, the largest naval base in the world, which is at home here. It all started with 130 mermaids that bronze sculptor Kevin Gallup mass-produced and had local artists and companies paint and decorate. These were distributed throughout the city and over the years more and more statues and other art objects were added that took up the theme. For example, visitors strolling along the Mermaid Trail can see a mermaid with coins decorated on her fin in front of a bench, a baker’s version with a hat and apron, and a mermaid in Norfolk Tides colors in front of the ballpark. In the city’s own Mermaid Factory, those who are interested are invited to be creative and paint smaller versions of the mermaid statue according to their own taste.

The world of mermaids in a museum
From April 1, 2022, the doors of the Mermaid Museum in Berlin, Maryland, which opened last year, will be open again. The extraordinary collection of more than 200 square meters has even been expanded. In the exhibition, visitors gain an insight into the history of the fairytale creatures and the numerous legends that are entwined around them in different cultures. The collection plays with fiction, facts and reality. For example, it shows memorabilia from the US comedy film “Splash” starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah from 1984. A large part of the exhibition deals with various reports of sightings of the creatures from the first century up to the year 2017 Visitors can also marvel at artifacts, drawings, paintings, mermaid hair and scales, or curiosities such as a mermaid-shaped peanut flip. There are also a number of interactive elements, such as a bathtub that encourages visitors to take selfies with mermaid tails, or special costumes to feel like a real mermaid. From April 1, 2022, the museum will be open again daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $11.

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