Indian diet: steps to follow to lose weight

As he physical exercise such as food care help improve our health, but the spectrum of diets open the door to one huge number of options. Before starting a diet, you should know your physical and psychological limitations and respect them above all else. There are some recommended by nutrition experts such as Mediterranean dietbut many of the ones you find on the internet are not scientifically approvedalthough they may be popular with society.

This is the case of the Indian diet. This plan consists of ieat large amounts of fruits and vegetables for seven days, foods rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and the goal is lose up to five kilos, with the incentive that you will feel more energetic, eliminate toxins and reduce body flaccidity. It is also necessary that increase your water intakereaching 10 or 15 glasses a day to achieve good hydration.

what do you delete

In the first place, you should eliminate beverages such as caféthe tealos juices and above all, the alcohol. You can’t even eat vegetable oilswhich you can substitute with wine vinegar, garlic or herbs.


The weekly schedule is as follows: the first day, you can only consume fruits without fat; the second day, you can add up to a tablespoon of butter, for example; from the fourth add some proteins (milk, for example) and then begin to include fish, eggs, chicken or legumes.

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It is essential that you do six meals a day: breakfast, snack half morning, lunch, two snacks and one cena no later than 20.00. In this way, your sleep period will not be interrupted by heaviness or stomach pains. Once the seven days have passed, repeating is not recommended up to three or four days later.

Although you may lose a few kilos, more if you combine it with daily physical exercisethe experts clarify that there is no evidence capable to check the benefits in our body. It seems to be due to lack of nutrients that are found in restricted or very little consumed foods.

Therefore, the The best option is to see a nutritionist. for me to recommend you a diet according to your abilities and make sure you’re doing the right things to improve your health.

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