Indiana Cubero and a tender photo with her little brother Luca

Fabián Cubero shared photos of his daughter Indiana with Luca Cubero.

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“Brotherly love”, “No one is missing”, were Fabián’s posts that touched his fans and those of Mica Viciconte.


Mica Viciconte and Luca Cubero They were discharged yesterday, after being in the sanatorium since Friday, May 6. On the first day from home after the birth, the model taught the particular method to put her son to sleep without holding him in her arms.

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“Good day”, Mica greeted her followers with a video of Luca Cubero’s cradle. The former Combate taught her particular method to hammock her son while he is resting: with one of his feet he moves the cradle in which the baby sleepswithout the need to hold it in your arms or with any device that is rocking the creature.

“Manual technique”Mica exclaimed with an emoji of a little face in love.

Minutes before leaving the sanatorium where they were hospitalized for a few days after the birth, Mica showed how Luca Cubero looked after giving him his first haircut. With several photos of the little one, the model asked her fans how the new look fit her son.

“His first haircut. Everything looks beautiful on you, we love you, ”Mica posted on her Instagram account, moved by her baby.

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