Indiana Jones 5 script might have leaked ahead of time

An attendee at one of the Indiana Jones 5 screenings talks about the events of the film and the plot that will follow

A person has opened a thread on 4chan confessing to having attended a test screening of Indiana Jones 5 (starring Harrison Ford) and this is what is revealed from the film.

According to the informant, the movie opens with a flashback to the 1940s, a time when Indiana and her friend are looking for The Dial of Fatemeeting Toht, from the first film, causing an intervention in the events of the lost ark.

Indy is still married to Marion, but his son Mutt died in Vietnam. Helena makes an appearance. She is the daughter of Marcus and deals in artifacts. The subject of the arrival to the Moon is treated. Indy acknowledges she realizes that Toht is one of the scientists involved in the space program under the code name Jurgen Vollen.who wants to change history with the Dial traveling through time, and all this with the collaboration of a gang of neo-Nazis to make Germany great again.

Indy and Helena travel to Ancient Rome. The girl tells the adventurer that she has a girlfriend. and he takes it badly, to which she reacts with disdain. she also appears Antonio Banderas as a humorous character who ends up dying.

Indy and Helena travel to the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie era and she criticizes how she handled situations at that time, being immoral with other cultures, as well as racist, as when she says indians instead of indigenous people.

Indiana Jones 5 first imageIndiana Jones 5 first image

The film ends with Indy stopping Toht and vanishing back in time without his team, which is taken over by Helena to take his place as next Indiana Jones in the events of the previous films to the fifthbut later than the first, and a statement on the screen: Helena will return.

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