Hannes Könitzer I 09.11.2022 – 10:18

After Disney already produces series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and from the world of Star Wars for its streaming service, it comes as no surprise that they now apparently want to implement a series project based on Indiana Jones. So reported Varietythat Lucasfilm and Disney are increasingly thinking about an Indiana Jones series and exploring different ideas.

It is said that there have already been meetings with authors, even if no one has yet been specifically committed. Accordingly, it is still unclear what exactly those responsible imagine. The series could be set in the same world as Indiana Jones, as a prequel, or with the upcoming one Indiana Jones 5 keep in touch.

A return of Harrison Ford should be excluded. The actor explained that he broke up with Indiana Jones after the fifth film. This was in development for a few years and is now scheduled to hit theaters next year. In Germany, Disney has announced the still unnamed fifth part of the series for June 29th.

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