Indiana Nightclub in Valencia | The Police evicts a bottle in San Vicente Mártir due to the closure of a nightclub

Stock image of the nightclub area. / TONI BLASCO

The room was left in darkness due to an electrical fault and dozens of people moved the party to the street

A blackout at the Indiana nightclub at 3:06 a.m. last morning forced the Local Police to carry out an eviction on San Vicente Mártir street, even cutting off traffic for 30 minutes. The audience in the room gathered on the road, occupying practically the entire width.

Specifically, the agents drew up seven minutes for alcohol consumption, six for noise pollution and another for drug possession, sources from the Department of Citizen Protection reported before the groups of attendees were dissolved.

The residents of the Plaza de España square and its surroundings have been complaining for years about the problem of the bottle in the streets and gardens, which leads to a degradation of the green areas. Half a dozen police vehicles participated in the eviction, which with their presence gradually managed to empty the road.

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