inflation remains top concern for small businesses, compiled index shows

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The Small Business Sentiment Index, compiled by Ipsos, MetLife and the US Chamber of Commerce, came in at 62.1 this quarter, down 4.7 points from last quarter’s level of 66. 8), the strongest since the plunge in this index at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Increased pessimism about the broader economic environment, and lower expectations for the future have contributed to this adjustment,” said the Ipsos report on this index.

“This sense of economic uncertainty is perhaps reinforced by spreading concerns about inflation, which is seen as the most significant challenge facing the small business community,” the document said.

In fact, “a strong majority of small business owners believe the worst is yet to come when it comes to inflation,” the report said.

The findings are drawn from a survey conducted by Ipsos between July 21 and August 8. For this study, a sample of 752 small business owners and operators over the age of 18 and residing in the United States, Alaska or Hawaii were interviewed online in English, the report said.

<!–enpproperty 784359492022-09-24 02:25:18:706Etats-Unis : l’inflation reste la première préoccupation des petites entreprises, selon un indice compiléEtats-Unis-inflation10027176468ActualitéActualité de presse XinhuaL’indice du moral des petites entreprises compilé par Ipsos, MetLife et la Chambre du commerce des Etats-Unis, est ressorti à 62,1 ce trimestre, soit une baisse de 4,7 points par rapport au niveau du trimestre dernier (66,8), la plus forte depuis le plongeon de cet indice au début de la pandémie de COVID-19.1/enpproperty–>

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