Internet users help track down Capitol thugs

The riots in the Capitol building continue to cause controversy, and the US law enforcement system is looking for participants in the action. The FBI asked the public to help them identify all participants in the riots who committed “illegal acts of violence” in order to arrest them.

The bureau’s website contains an announcement and an email address where vigilant citizens can send photos confirming the crimes committed.

Some of the attackers gave themselves away by posting boastful posts and photographs of their participation in the scandalous action on social networks. Nicholas Oaks, the leader of the Proud boys group, who posted his portrait with a cigarette in the Capitol Building, was arrested in Hawaii on Thursday, January 7th.

The most famous of the participants, 32-year-old Jacob Anthony Angeli Chensley, an Arizona resident nicknamed “Shaman Qanon”, in photographs from the Congress building, captured in a horned helmet and furs, with a spear in his hands, has already been detained. While in a pre-trial detention cell, he demands only organic products for himself, and otherwise he intends to go on a hunger strike. If he is found guilty, he faces many years in prison, report in American law enforcement. Chensley himself denies his guilt.

Thanks to users, 70-year-old Alabama resident Lonnie Coffman was also calculated. The police found 11 Molotov cocktails in his car.

Also known is the name of a riot participant who ended up in the office of the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, his name is Richard Barnett. The FBI is currently working to determine participant namewaving the Confederate flag.

Dozens of arrests have already taken place across the country: in Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. All detainees are charged with “illegal intrusion” into the building on Capitol Hill and other charges.

“Details”, A.U. Photo: AP, Manuel Balce Cenet

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