Iowa Adds Right to Bear Arms to Constitution| Newscast Mexico

The state of Iowa in the United States wants to add the right to own firearms to its constitution, according to national media in North America.

If the victory is certified, citizens will have the right to carry armsjoining the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Missouri, who require constitutional language for courts to use what is called strict scrutiny when considering gun restrictions.

That standard would make it very difficult for courts to uphold limits on gun possession, ownership or use, such as future efforts to require more extensive background checks or ban some types of firearms.

Gun rights supporters say the state needs the legislation to ensure Second Amendment rights are protected in Iowa. While opponents argue the measure makes it too difficult to pass reasonable gun legislation that could protect Iowans from gun violence. Meanwhile, voters in Oregon They will determine whether to approve a gun control bill that requires permits to purchase a firearm and bans high-capacity magazines.

Supreme Court defends the right to bear arms

The Supreme Court of USA ruled on June 23 that its citizens have the fundamental right to carry firearms in public, The decision will prevent the North American states from restricting the inhabitants with their own regulations.

The ruling, which came as the country grappled with a shocking increase in firearms crime, especially school shootings, struck down a New York state law that required a special permit to carry a firearm.

“The Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a firearm for self-defense outside the home,” Justice Clarence Thomas said.

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