Iowa Woman Wins $100,000 Scratch-Off Lottery Game for Second Time in Just Two Years

The woman first won $100,000 in March 2020.

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A woman from Davenport, Iowa, won her second $100,000 lottery prize in just over two years..

The last $100,000 prize won by the player, named Mary Starks, was from the ‘Hit It Big!’ from the Iowa Lottery, as reported by the Iowa Lottery. The woman also won a $100,000 prize in March 2020, but it was in a different scratch card game..

“It was exciting and kind of scary and unbelievable. Really unbelievable for it to happen twice,” Starks said.

Starks bought the winning lottery ticket at the Hit It Big! at 321 N. ExpressLane in Davenport, Iowa. She said she usually buys Crossword Scratch-Off tickets, but decided to try a new one.

You just think you’ll make a little bit, maybe $20, $30, $50, $100, you know? But not $100 thousand dollars. You only buy the tickets for a little entertainment. And then when you scratch it off and get that kind of money? I don’t know, it’s exciting, ”said the woman when she went to claim her prize at the regional office of the lottery, in the city of Cedar Rapids.

Starks said he plans to use his prize money to pay off debt and maybe start a business.

Hit It Big! is a $10 scratch card game that features 10 top prizes of $100,000 and odds of winning any prize of any amount of 1 in 2.96.

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