iPhone 14: the smartphone saves the life of this American

The iPhone 14 rescued an American stranded in Alaska. The Apple smartphone alerted the emergency services.

Often criticized, the latest iPhone model had not won over fans. Indeed, the Apple smartphone released last September presented, at first glance, only vulgar changes: better photo quality, etc. If the fans of the apple are not enthusiastic about this new model, a man is very happy with it. And that is to say, the smartphone saved his life.

The specificity of the iPhone 14

Lost in a place without a network, without neighboring houses, without anything, it’s hard to believe that a simple telephone can save our lives. Well think again. If the iPhone 14 does not a priori have any additional appetite than its predecessors, it is false. The latter has the latest Apple operating system, namely iOS 16.1 like many iPhones, including previous models. But above all it has the possibility of contact the emergency services by sending an emergency SOS. What makes this feature unique is that it is not only available with an iPhone 14 or 14 pro.

The phone therefore sent the exact coordinates to volunteers who went there. The man was rescued and had no injuries. Rescuers said to themselves, impressed with the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the alert”.

Stuck in Alaska

The man found himself stuck in mounds of snow while trying to reach Kotzebue, Alaska. He had left Noorvik. He was traveling on a snowmobile which could not move forward given the amount of snow.

The man is none the less fortunateknowing that he was in a geographical area, normally not supported by Apple to send emergency messages.

In summary, if you want to be sure to survive each test, it will only cost you the cursed sum of 1000 euros, at least.

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