Iran. Raisi Warns of Return of American Colonial Culture

Summary Middle East, January 09, 2023.

Ebrahim Raisi pointed out that US officials hide their savagery behind deceitful gestures in defense of human rights.

The recent statements by President Joe Biden reflect a return to the colonial culture of the United States and constitute evidence of the hidden pharaonic nature of the government of that country.declared Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday.

Last Wednesday, during a speech in the state of Kentucky, Biden assured: “The world is not a patch on our jeans.”

During the meeting held this Monday with his cabinet, Raisi denounced as American officials hide the savage character behind deceptive gestures in defense of human rights.

Such comments are not being said for the first time, the president stressed.

At another point in his statements, Raisi also condemned the heinous act of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo by insulting the religious leadership and the religious and human values ​​of the Iranian people.

Resorting to grievances under the guise of freedom is clear evidence of the absurdity of the insulters’ logic and their despair at Iran’s fruitful battles against insecurity and the chaos conspiracy.he stressed.

the caricatures of Charlie Hebdo are offensive and evidence of hate speech

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani renewed his condemnation of the offensive cartoons published by French magazine Charlie Hebdoand considered them a clear case of the hate speech and provocation.

At a press conference, the diplomat also condemned the insults to the religious sanctities of the nation and the status of Iranian women in society.

He also regretted this type of publication in a country that claims to respect and defend human rights, and that allegedly abides by the principles and foundations of international law.

In response to the desecration, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the French ambassador to Tehran to deliver a note protesting the offense against Islamic values.

Kanaani accused the Israeli Zionist regime of being behind the release of the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo. The incident coincided with the action of the Zionists to desecrate the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Palestine, the diplomat said.

Similarly, he condemned the government of Paris for support the dissemination of obscene cartoons under the pretext of freedom of expression.

In addition, he urged the international community to show a proper reaction to these sacrilegious actions.

Source: Al Mayadeen Spanish

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