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Under the Biden administration, the centrists will take the lead, but the Democratic left is not always convinced of this political reality … REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque

<The political environment surrounding the Biden administration has made it possible in the short term to choose retrocentrism due to the delicate balance of the federal parliament and the loss of enemies due to Republican mistakes … .. >

The main ministerial personnel of the Biden administration have been announced. With the exception of some posts, there is no extreme leftist affairs, with the centrist Biden color pushed to the front. It can be said that such personnel affairs are based on the reality that the Democratic Party of Japan controls the majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The political influence of centrist senators will be extremely high

The Biden administration, which won a majority in the Senate special election on January 5, is in a state of widespread policy options. If the Senate vote was Democratic 50: Republican 50, Vice President Kamala Harris could settle in a ruling vote. Therefore, it can be said that it is an environment where leftist policies can be passed if political force is forced, and it can be said that it has become easier for the Republicans to compromise on center-left policies with bluffs.

In the Republican counter part of the Biden administration, he is Senator Mitchie McConnell. Known as a sleeper, McConnell has a long relationship with President-elect Biden, and during the Obama administration he was also a friend who sought a compromise between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. McConnell has taken a strong response to the Democratic Party in the political environment of the Trump administration, but in the new political environment given this time, it is predicted that the Biden administration will make moderate compromises to prevent it from taking leftist policies. Will be done.

On the other hand, some members of the Democratic Party and Republican Party in the Senate tend to compromise politically with the other party because of their political life and ideological beliefs. On the Republican side, Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Mulkawaski (Alaska), and on the Democratic side, Kyrsten Cinema (Arizona) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia). And Democrats Mark Kelly (Arizona), Catherine Mast (Nevada), and Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire), who will be re-elected in the 2022 midterm elections, may also oppose the left-wing policy. The political influence of these swinging centrist senators will be enormous. Therefore, the consequences of the policies promoted by the Biden administration can be roughly judged by just paying attention to their trends.

Leftists elicit compromised transactions such as tax increases and tighter regulations

However, although the centrists will take the initiative under the Biden administration, I think the Democratic left is not necessarily convinced of this political reality. For the time being, Sanders and other lawmakers should focus on setting political issues in favor of the left by getting the post of chairman of each parliamentary committee in a triple-blue environment. That’s right.

Therefore, it will succeed in eliciting a compromise from the centrist to the left on some, but not all, political issues such as tax increases and tighter regulation. It is estimated that this tendency will become clearer in 2022, when the mid-term elections will be closer than immediately after the inauguration of the 2021 administration, and the left-wing electoral power and small donation collection power will be required.

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