Is Zoran Tosic staying at Tobol? The player spoke about his future – Football

November 9, 2021 (20:05)

Is Zoran Tosic staying at Tobol? The player spoke about his future

Midfielder of KostanayTobol» Zoran Tošič spoke about plans for the near future, reports with reference to

The player’s contract with the current club expires in December 2021.

“The contract ends next month. But I don’t know yet where I will play next season. Vacation ahead. Now we need to have a good rest, and then we will think about the future.

The season has just ended. We were given a little vacation. I’m in Serbia now. I will come to Kostanay at the end of the week, there I will talk to the club and see what plans they and I have. If we can agree, I would not mind staying in Kazakhstan. I like everything. Moreover, we became champions, the city is calm, the Champions League is ahead.

Yes, I am already 35 years old. But football is my greatest passion and love. So, while I feel good, I will do it. Now I am in good health. So for now I see myself as a football player. But everything has time, so you have to think about the future.

Will I stay in football after the end of my playing career? I will be in football. But what I will do, I can’t say for sure. I want to stay. But I haven’t decided yet where I can give the most benefit ”, – quotes Tosic as“ RB Sport ”.


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