Issues and methods of analysis of ancient ornaments (Saint-Étienne)

This day, organized as part of the project ANR ROIiaims to respond to the problems posed by the construction of a database integrating a functionality for identifying anomalies within ancient ornaments with a view to authenticating a work.


“Intellectual and technical issues of the analysis of ornaments by Marc Michel Rey – The example of the mark with bees”
Christelle Bahier-Porte (UJM / IHRIM), Thierry Fournel (UJM / Lab. H. Curien), Fabienne Vial-Bonacci (IHRIM / CNRS)

“Printing in the 18th Century”
Fernande Nicaise and Céline Carducci (Printing Museum, Lyon)

“Proof by the jewels”
Silvio Corsini (BCU, Lausanne)

“From pattern searching to bi-modal text and image indexing”
Véronique Eglin (INSA / LIRIS)

“Unsupervised decomposition of images into sub-patterns”
Rémi Emonet (UJM / Lab. H. Curien)


« Doing things with printers’ ornaments »
Hazel Wilkinson (U. de Birmingham)

“1 vs. N Comparison of Similar Images”
Thierry Fournel (UJM / Lab. H. Curien)

“On the implementation of tools for querying the M.-M. Ray »
Thomas Gautrais (UJM / Lab. H. Curien)

This workshop is preceded by a working session around ornament databases on June 15, 2022 from 1:30 p.m.:

Thomas Gautrais (UJM / Lab. H. Curien): “Detection and classification of ornaments using DhSegment. »
Ian Johnson (University of Sydney): “Introducing Heurist. »
Vincent Ventresque (UJM / IHRIM): “Presentation of the Heurist database of ornaments and the data model. »


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