It was bad timing for Tom Brady’s exit

Tom Brady’s decision to leave the patriots after 20 years on a St. Patrick’s Day, when all bars in Massachusetts are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, is a sick joke for Boston fans.

The reaction to Brady’s Instagram post on Tuesday morning, in which he first announced that his “soccer trip will take place somewhere else” was different. From anger to gratitude to the belief that the world could actually perish. Because between Coronavirus and Tom Brady, who is no longer a New England Patriot, it has to be what it means.

Most of the comments on Brady’s two-part “thank you” to New England were returned, while others simply tried to negotiate with the four-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback to stay.

Others were concerned about the patriotic recipient Julian Edelman, who is known to have a kind of “bromance” with Brady. The duo has been a teammate since 2009. Brady says he sees Edelman as a “little brother”.

TB12’s dramatic farewell to the patriots came at a time when the world is in chaos due to the corona virus. It’s apparently the only news that could ever give the deadly virus a run for the top story of the day. However, it should be noted that, given the controversial NFL league year, the timing of the quarterback was enforced on Monday despite the outbreak.


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