“It was lucky that injuries were bypassed and that there was the confidence of the coaches. Except for one “, Dzyuba reports about 200 games for Zenit – Football

Zenit striker Artem Dziuba shared his impressions after the 200th anniversary game for the St. Petersburg club.

– Artem, in 2016 you celebrated your 100th career goal with a T-shirt with the inscription “Only a hundred”. Tell me, 200 matches for Zenit – “only two hundred”?

– Yes, it is, but this is a very pleasant figure – who would have thought that I would play so many games in a Zenith T-shirt! I think this is a great achievement. Insanely glad it happened. I enjoy these moments, do what I love and want to continue to be useful. I will try to aim at both 250 matches and 300.

– You said “who would have thought.” So, in the summer of 2015, when you moved to Zenit, you didn’t expect this story to be long?

– On the contrary, I was sure of it. It’s just that many people didn’t believe it. I am happy that everything turned out like this. It was a little lucky that serious injuries were bypassed and there was the trust of those coaches who worked at the club. Except for one.

– What ambitions did you have then? Become the champion, top scorer, club legend?

– A legend – definitely not. I have always been skeptical of people who come and immediately begin to strive for this title. It seems to me that this is possible only after years. In my case, I understood that there would be no great love, but immediately said: “Judge me by the games, by the dedication on the field. And from your side I ask only respect. ” I received this respect and love from almost the entire stadium and probably deserved it, and it flatters me very much. A separate group of fans does not recognize me – this is their business, I am quite calm about it.

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But, one way or another, I went for gold medals, for playing in the Champions League. I received all this here in full and I hope that I will receive more and more. Because it has always been and remains the main goal, – said Dziuba.

During the 2017/18 season, Dziuba left Zenit for Arsenal Tula on loan. Then the St. Petersburg team was coached by Roberto Mancini.

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