Ivory Coast: Fred Zamblé builds a crowdfunding platform for small farmers

He is a serial entrepreneur who runs several businesses in the United States and Côte d’Ivoire. With his latest start-up, founded with his brother, he wants to build a next-generation food system for the African continent.

Fred Zamblé (photo) is an Ivorian entrepreneur who graduated from the Felix Houphouët-Boigny National Polytechnic Institute where he obtained an associate degree in mechanical engineering in 2000 and a bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering in 2004. Creator of impacts, he is a co-founder and CEO of start-up Seekewa.

Founded in 2016 by brothers Serge and Fred Zamblé, the start-up Seekewa aims to improve the food supply in Africa by guaranteeing better incomes for small farmers. Its technology platform brings together organizations and individuals, called supporters, and small project farmers. The company allows supporters to support farmers’ projects through the purchase of redeemable electronic vouchers giving them access to discounts on the food produced.

« We propose a socio-economic model based on the direct relationship between consumers and farmers. Engagement on the platform is free for contributors and farmers. Seekewa addresses both the living conditions of farmers in rural areas and improving the purchasing power of the lower and middle classes through a circular economy“, said Fred Zamblé in 2019 in an interview with Disrupt Africa.

A former participant in the MEST Africa Challenge, Fred Zamblé is also a co-founder, in 2014, of Digicraft LLC, a company based in Delaware of which he is the president and CEO. Photo evangelist of FotoWalk City in Côte d’Ivoire, he co-founded the start-up Neuropixels Inc. in 2006. This company, of which he is also the CEO, is a digital agency that offers web-related services including design and development as strategy, training and marketing.

Fred Zamblé’s professional career began in 2004 as a developer and UX designer at Atemis Business Cloud, an American software development company. He was an Adobe West Africa User Group Manager from 2013 to 2016, when he co-founded Seekewa.

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