Jake Angeli: And now he’s on a hunger strike!

In detention since Saturday, the most seen pro-Trump activist on Capitol Hill cannot eat in prison, because he only eats organic products …

With his buffalo horns, his Davy Crockett beanie and the symbols of Wotanism on his chest, Jake Angeli has made himself known to the whole planet.


He is arguably the most photographed pro-Trump activist during the Capitol invasion last Wednesday. Arizona native Jake Angeli, 33, a member of the QAnon movement, was arrested last Saturday in Phoenix for his participation in the events. Since then, he has been in detention and according to the American press, he is on hunger strike. But it wouldn’t be for political reasons.

According to the newspaper “The Arizona Republic”, his mother told the court that her son needed a special diet: “He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food.” And the prison has no organic menu to offer him. For now, he has not been able to appear because he is in quarantine in the prison after the demonstration where people were not wearing masks. So far, he has made no statement and answered the judge’s questions by phone.

He was accused of misconduct, forcible entry and illegal stay on the Capitol grounds. His trial must continue and the penalties he incurs have not been specified. Originally from Arizona, this thirty-something, whose real name is Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, claims to be a “spiritual warrior” and calls himself “the Wolf of Yellowstone”. On his chest, we find the symbols of Wotanism, of the god Wotan, the main deity of Germanic mythology, which was already used during the rise of Nazism in Germany.

In recent months, Jake Angeli had already stood out during pro-Trump protests in Phoenix, already wearing the headdress he took to Washington.

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