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Jake Angeli (Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley); was born in 1988,[1]Also known as “QAnon Shaman” O “Q Shaman“, is an American conspiracy theorist and far-right activist, who participated in the assault on the United States Capitol in 2021. He is a supporter of Trump and a supporter of QAnon’s unfounded conspiracy theory.[2][3]

Angeli appears as a person of interest in the Washington DC Police.[4]On January 8, Angeli told an Arizona news station that she was “not concerned” about possible charges.[5]

Jake Angeli was born around 1988,[1]En Martha Chansley.[6]He attended Moon Valley High School,[7]Graduating in 2006.[8]When asked about his son’s views, Chansley told ABC15 Arizona that “it takes a lot of courage to be a patriot,” and says he is a Navy veteran.

Angeli has several tattoos, including one of valknut.[9][10]Before his political activity, Angeli says that he worked as an actor and broadcaster.[11]

Angeli apoya a Donald Trump,[12][13][14]He has a following on social media and attends QAnon rallies primarily in and around Phoenix, Arizona.[15]

In 2019 he began organizing climate activism protests, leading marches in solidarity with the environment in Arizona. It was reported that he was a shamanic practitioner.[16]

Before attending far-right rallies, Angeli became known in 2019 for frequently protesting by himself in front of the Arizona Capitol, defending various conspiracy theories. He then began to wear his distinctive fur hat and face paint, and attended larger rallies to get attention; told The Arizona Republic in early 2020 that he wanted to get noticed so people would start listening to him and could talk about QAnon and “other truths”;[15]In 2021 he called his outfit “shaman dress”.[17]

In addition to appearances at Trump rallies, Angeli protested the COVID-19 closures in Arizona and focused on challenging the results of the vote count from the 2020 Arizona presidential election;[15][18]Camped outside the Maricopa County Courthouse during the vote count in November 2020,[19]And delivered a speech at a rally the day Biden announced his victory: “This election has not been called! Don’t believe that lie! They got caught in the cookie jar and we’re going to Supreme Court! Trump always seems you’re going to lose. And then you win. “[20]

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Persons of Interest Information Poster issued by the District of Columbia Police.

During the assault on the United States Capitol in 2021, he entered the United States Senate on Capitol Hill, wearing his own symbolic shamanic garb, including a coyote fur headdress with buffalo horns and war paint in red, white. and blue. Angeli later said of the assault on the Capitol building: “The fact that we had a group of our traitors in the office huddled together, put on their gas masks and retreated to their underground bunker, he considered it a victory.” He said police had initially blocked the crowd from entering, but then specifically allowed them entry, at which point he entered.[21]In 2021 January 8, Angeli appears as a person of interest in the Washington DC Police.[4]Interviewed while being searched, Angeli said he believed he did nothing wrong, telling NBC: “I walked in through an open door, buddy.”[22]

Conspiracy theories[editar]

Following the riot, rumors circulated among conspiracy theorists that Angeli was associated with Antifa and had infiltrated the event as the fifth columnist.[23]In a January 6 tweet from her USAwolfpack Twitter account, Angeli responded to speculations made by Trump’s campaign attorney Lin Wood: “Mr. Wood. I am neither antifa nor blm. I am a digital soldier and from Qanon. My name is Jake and we marched with the police and I fought against BLM and ANTIFAnin PHX. “[24][25]

It was speculated that he was in cahoots with Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law, Michiel Vos, seen in a photo with him outside the United States Capitol building. Snopes wrote that Vos is a reporter for RTL, and the image is from a story about the protests that Vos wrote for the Dutch news program RTL Boulevard.[26]

The day after the attack on the Capitol, Jay Kay, the lead singer of Jamiroquai, released a short video in which he let his fans know that he was not associated with the protest, saying “It wasn’t my crowd.”[17][27]Angeli was dubbed “Pseudo Jamiroquai” or simply “Jamiroquai” by some social media users and the media, and “Jamiroquai” started trending on social media search platforms, along with memes pointing to the visual similarity. .[28]


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