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February 9th, 05:05 am – 06:00 am

This time Jamie Oliver’s trip to America takes him to Arizona, to the reservation of the Navajo Indians. Here he wants to find out more about the Navajo cuisine. He also meets Roy Cady, the newly elected mayor who is an ardent advocate of Navajo cuisine. Cady wants to preserve the traditional culture. Then Jamie visits cooking activist Luva de Huzy, who wrote the first cookbook of dishes from Navajo cuisine. Together with Luva he cooks and enjoys the delicious chili beans and the corn soup, which is prepared with cedar ash. Jamie Oliver then watches a traditional slaughter with the village elders. The complete use of the animal is remarkable. In the restaurant “El Metate” Jamie can find out about the recipes for Mexican snacks. Unfortunately, the Navajo predominantly eat fatty fast food, so a high percentage of the population is overweight. However, some try to improve the situation with the traditional recipes. Jamie goes on a rabbit hunt and learns how to prepare the long-eared long-eared head in a healthy and delicious way according to old rules. Then Jamie has the opportunity to teach the youth of the tribe something about healthy eating: he teaches them the rules of growing vegetables when they open a greenhouse.


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