January 13 – Russian Press Day – Congratulations – Speeches – Governor

Dear members of the media of the Khabarovsk Territory!

I congratulate you on the Day of the Russian Press!

Today, you are still at the forefront of events, helping the residents of our large region to navigate the flow of important news. At the same time, you are actively mastering the digital format.

We have 197 mass media in the region, including more than 110 printed publications. This holiday also unites everyone who works in the new media.

Municipal newspapers were preserved in all districts. I traveled and flew around the entire region. Everywhere I met with representatives of the press and gladly answered their questions. You enjoy special trust among your fellow countrymen, remaining the closest and most reliable source of information.

This year we will celebrate significant anniversaries of three regional newspapers at once: 80 years for Rabochy Slovo, 85 years for Sovetsky North and 90 years for Amursky Mayak.

Residents of the region, who spend more and more time at home due to restrictive measures, have begun to turn to the media more often. So they stay in the know, get answers to exciting questions.

The regional government will continue to provide comprehensive support to the region’s mass media. Together we do a common cause – we work for the benefit of our region and its inhabitants. And your sharp journalistic outlook helps us to quickly respond to many problems, build an open and lively dialogue with people.

Thank you for your active life position and objectivity!

I wish you creative success, interesting projects and a sharp pen! And may there always be faith, hope and love in your hearts!

Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, M.V. Degtyarev

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